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Leon Muhudinov: Home

Leon Muhudinov is a guitarist-composer-educator based in New Jersey and NYC. Described as “an artist worthy of well-earned name recognition  and  one of the most versatile guitarists around” by 20th Century Magazine, his versatility has led to a diverse range of projects including classical guitar performances, instrumental duo Combo Combo, world fusion, prog rock, and jam band music. 

He has also contributed music for independent films and National Geographic documentaries dealing with animal rights, environmental, and humanitarian issues. In addition to his solo releases, Leon has worked and appeared on recordings alongside members of Chuck Berry, Journey, Dio, Whitesnake, Garden State Opera, and Metropolitan Opera. He performs regularly throughout the Tri-State area and maintains a busy schedule of guitar students. 

Introduced to a wealth of music by his parents, Leon took up the guitar at an early age and built a strong foundation with classical guitar teacher, George Glock.  He later met luthier/fingerstyle extraordinaire Tom Doyle, who inspired another dimension in his playing. Other influences include Agustin Barrios, John Williams, Julian Bream, Francisco Tarrega, Sergei Prokofiev, Steve Howe, Steve Morse, Trey Anastasio, Slash, Brian May, Chet Atkins, Ritchie Blackmore, and Jon Lord. 

Leon’s 2003 solo album, Tasty Guitar Treats, was a mix of classical, new age, and country-jazz influences; an assortment of romantic classical guitar pieces, originals, and popular covers by the Beatles, Chet Atkins, and Scott Joplin.  He later formed The Adventures of Leonid, an instrumental group which features a rotating lineup of friends and great musicians on various projects. AoL’s self-titled debut was released in 2005 on Mad Hands Records and features veteran drummer, Mad Mike Cullens (Chuck Berry, Mick Taylor.) The concept album combines elements of rock, classical, funk, surf rock, and Eastern melodies. Journalist Dmitry Epstein called it “a highly enjoyable record of rare elegance.” 

Leon is an active advocate for animal rights, environmental, and humanitarian causes to help raise awareness, respect, and compassion for our world and all of the creatures with whom we share this planet. In 2011, he was featured as a segment composer for the series Project Oliver, directed by Andy Cockrum. The series hopes to inspire funding and building an improved space for primates such as Oliver, "the missing link" chimpanzee, who was rescued from laboratory testing (   He also performed for the Global Human Rights Torch Relay and Edison Wetlands restoration benefit.  

In 2011, Leon was selected by Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, as a semi-finalist for their Queen Extravaganza Tour.  He is also featured on the Van Halen Tribute album, Take Your Whiskey Home, which includes current/former members of Aerosmith, Journey, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Yngwie Malmsteen band, released on Versailles Records in 2012.  Other compilations include Guitar Wizards in 2014 and upcoming tributes to Queen and Deep Purple.

Leon is a passionate guitar teacher maintaining a busy schedule of students from beginners to advanced players and performers, in Bergen County, NJ.  An active performer and recording artist, Leon's music has been featured internationally on radio, film, and podcasts while his versatility as a session guitarist has led to a variety of studio work and collaborations. 
His music can be found at iTunes, CDBaby, and most other music retailers.  


"Guitar trip into the unknown of the great wide open. Not afraid to touch and embellish classic material from the likes of The Fabs and Duke Ellington on his 2003's debut, "Tasty Guitar Lines", this time New Jersey resident Leonid Muhudinov walks his own way with a variety of stringed instruments on his back. Running in with a streamline rock 'n' roll with Beethoven lurking in the shadows, there's a filigree technique on display with no sign of showing off, especially when electricity breaks down into acoustic reverie. But if jazz, country and classical guitar pieces can be expected from the master, the jangly twangy beat of "Ghost Town" comes on as delicious surprise: Hank Marvin has never been so cimenatic - and there's more to the composition, much more! And there's much humor in here, be it Hendrix-cum-Hazel-Hackett transmutations in "Funky Bitch", lush but playful guitar pile-up in "Leonid's Return" or electric sitar of "Samadhi". Highly enjoyable record of rare elegance."

***** - Dmitry M. Epstein, Journalist/DME Music Site

  "An artist worthy of some well-earned name recognition."

- 20th Century Guitar Magazine

What makes of Leonid a cooler cat than those guys is his eclecticism. The tracks included here variate in shade, hue, heaviness and level of exposition; he seems destined to switch moods because that’s his mission. He can play the guitar, but can he hold out attention? This stuff says Yes, and that’s more than most guitar albums can sound off with a straight-note."

- Hansel Mercher

Hi, I have your CDs and I love your music, special “Bi-Polar Sunshine” –- Rosie, MD

"I was always a fan of Leon's work in his band, and each album left me wanting more. There was a certain style to all the songs. And now with this album, I can see where that style comes from. This is a wonderful technical/heavy/light/classic/contemporary kind of thing, but its not just limited to those adjectives. The moods change in a natural flow, and there is a perfect blend of piano, guitar, and other instruments. The tracking may be a bit strange, but even that adds the beautifully contorted themes. the bottom line is that it is inspirational and compelling." -- Demi, NJ

“The varied experimentation and delivery of the album is wonderfully unpredictable, evokes a multitude of moods for a mulitude of experiences, like any adventure should” --Gokhan, Bulgaria

“The music on this CD shifts from shred, surf, rock, fusion, and experimental styles in a series of smooth transitions. Just when you think you know what to expect from Leon's music, he'll throw in a curve and surprise you with a fresh new idea” –- Rob

“Listen up….and learn something. A journey that is exotic, erotic, and electronic, this album takes you around the world in Magellan-like fashion. The sea is absolutely ferocious at times but as dawn approaches, a beautiful sunrise develops and the waters are as calm and soothing as the Mediterranean Sea, as the listener goes to shore, puts on some sunglasses, and drinks a margarita on the beach - Philips, NJ