Stephen is a terrific, versatile player with lots of experience.  He plays a variety of styles on acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and he sings!  He performed with his own group in Korea, writing songs in Korean and in English.  His goal was to tackle some great classical guitar pieces.

We recently performed together at a small festival and decided to record this Cello Prelude by Bach.



Adam is a talented guitarist who has studied a variety of styles including classical, classic rock, and jam bands over the years, making him an awesome and versatile musician. Here he is performing an exciting jam on the classic tune, Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.



Brandon studied with me for 4 years and is now studying Recording Arts at Loyola Marymount in LA.  He is extremely versatile; other than his rad guitar chops (and occasional stage antics), he also plays the drums, bass, piano, clarinet, and electric kazoo!!  Here is Brandon performing a Jeff Beck-inspired instrumental guitar version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow from Leon's Guitar Students on Vimeo.


Shayla began taking guitar lessons quite recently and she is off to a great start.  She has a very natural technique and was interested in learning more fingerstyle songs.  Here she performs an instrumental version of the classic tune, House of the Rising Sun.

House of the Rising Sun from Leon's Guitar Students on Vimeo.


Tom has been playing "obscure classics" from the psychedelic folk era. He's a great fingerstyle player, tackling the intricate right hand patterns that accompany his sensitive singing & insightful lyrics. But does he have enough guitars to accompany so many alternate tunings!? Here's Tom performing First Girl I Loved by the Incredible String Band. Take a look at his psychedelic acoustic geetar!


Demi studied with me for nearly 10 years as we covered a variety of artists and composers. Not only is he a versatile guitarist and talented musician, but he has grown into a fantastic songwriter wit his own unique musical voice. He recently released his 2nd album with his band, Sartious. The songs sound great, and you can also find lyrics, fun facts, and other info here.

Here is a track from the album called A Bizarre Creation.


Keith has studied with me for years and has covered many styles, particularly instrumental rock, metal, and shred!  He has great lead and improv chops.  He performs the instrumental rock classic, Cliffs of Dover, by Eric Johnson.

Cliffs of Dover from Leon's Guitar Students on Vimeo.