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Premier choice for dedicated guitarists - beginners to advanced players welcome. It is an honor to work with such happy, dedicated students and parents for over 15 years. A holistic approach, limited enrollment, and extraordinary retention rate serve to make the most of your music experience. Many students perform in school and community settings, while others continue to pursue their own groups and recording projects.


Private lessons in the comfort of your home and friendly environment. Enjoy learning your favorite styles and songs, and the art of music making with a high quality program uniquely personalized just for you. Step-by-step guitar techniques, principles of language immersion, philosophies and problem solving skills will help you overcome challenges, have fun in the process, and continue your musical journey...

Have fun, experience real results, and develop your passion. Play guitar the way you have always wanted. Discover a source of intrinsic joy in your music practice. Through this, you can experience all the benefits of playing an instrument, and apply these teachings to other aspects of everyday life.
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ūüéłAre you ready to¬†experience the following?

  • Boundless enthusiasm
  • Excited to pick up¬†the guitar every day
  • Inspired to play the songs you love
  • Play guitar the way you have always wanted
  • Feel amazing¬†as you unlock your inner musician¬†


What Others Are Saying

Leon is a fantastic teacher-- he immediately was enthusiastic and interested in helping me along to grasp the songs I wanted to work on. His teaching style is very clear and has had me learning at a faster pace with a more thorough understanding of the material then I ever have before. He's extremely personable and always inviting you ask questions and grasp the theory behind the music. He writes everything out for you, and makes it pleasurable and easy to practice. I'm extremely happy with Leon and would recommend him to anyone looking to learn guitar -- beginners or advanced players-- Leon is a great teacher.” - Tom
I have learned more with you in a few weeks than my entire semester at University as a performance major¬†” - Joe
Above all, I would like to point out that Leon is a very patient teacher, and he understands each of his student's unique needs, never insisting one way or one style. I would recommend Leon to any level of players, but especially to the advanced ones. We all know how hard it is to find a teacher who can challenge and cultivate advanced level players.” - Stephen

Thumbtack 5.0 Star Rating

I have been taking lessons from Leon for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that I would not be the musician I am today without his help. In total, he is a kind, considerate, and vastly talented music teacher who I would recommend in a heartbeat.” - Demi

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