Tasty Guitar Treats




Solo album by Leon Muhudinov - an assorted collection of guitar music with classical pieces by Tarrega, Lauro, popular favorites by the Beatles, Scott Joplin, & original compositions.

“This beautiful album is a rewarding surprise in the Instrumental Music scene”

- Marcelo Trotta

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Adventures Of Leonid

Critically acclaimed instrumental guitar fantasy that will rock your socks off! From Zappa-esque progrock to surf and 70s funk, the music is exciting and unpredictable. (Mad Hands Records)

"A record of rare elegance" - Dmitry Epstein

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Romance Anonimo



A charming romantic classical guitar piece - its origins and author are unknown. The piece is also known as Anonymous Romance, Spanish Romance, Romance de Amor and Romanza.
Performed by Leon Muhudinov.
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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Instrumental guitar version of the Holiday classic in a boom chick style.  Inspired by Tom Doyle, Chet Atkins and some Grateful Dead.


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Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells)

A New Year’s song also known as “The Little Swallow.” This mostly instrumental electric guitar version features distorted guitars, solos, and chants. 



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Three Odd Numbers: Themes from Psycho, Halloween, and Exorcist

A bizarre group of Halloween themed movie soundtracks driven by electric guitars and exotic instruments, including works by Herrmann, Carpenter, and Morricone.

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Debussy: Suite Bergamasque, L 75: III. Clair De Lune

Concert recording of Clair de lune performed by Woodside Guitar Duo, Gus Baxter and Leon Muhudinov.                            

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America the Beautiful

A gentle acoustic guitar instrumental arranged while on a cross country journey visiting America's National Parks.
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Lesson for Two Lutes

Early lute music performed by Woodside Guitar Duo, Gus Baxter and Leon Muhudinov.

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Forest Dance

Electric Sitar and Percussion instrumental by Leon Muhudinov and Mad Mike Cullens.

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