An artist worthy of well-earned name recognition ” - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Leon Muhudinov

Guitarist | Composer

Leon is an eclectic guitarist and composer based in the NYC area. He can be heard performing classical guitar, prog-rock, psychedelic funk, film soundtracks, and world music. He has worked with/appeared on recordings alongside members of Max Middleton, Dio, Garden State Opera, Broadway, and has contributed music for National Geographic.

Influences include: 70s prog rock, 90s alternative, French Impressionist composers, Julian Bream, Ritchie Blackmore, Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Slash, and Brian May.

As an artist and collaborator, he believes one should be sensitive to the artistic vision, listen with their heart, and express the emotional story of the music.

Well-versed in a variety of genres, quick learner - transcribing parts by ear, standard notation, tablature, chord charts. 

Leon is an animal lover and vegan. He enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and learning from feline zen masters.
smoke/drug/alcohol/social media free. 

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