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Thank you for your interest.  Guitar, Ukulele, and Songwriting/Composition lessons are currently provided on several video call platforms. This has been working really well as an effective alternative solution and all you need is a phone or any other suitable device. Contact: (201) 873-1839

Our guitar lessons are uniquely personalized, offering high quality instruction and teachings that will help each student along their path. It's great to work with such a happy and dedicated group of students and parents, with an extraordinary retention rate for over 15 years. Many perform in school and community settings while others continue to pursue their own performing and recording projects. Most of all, students develop a passion for guitar and music, and find a source of intrinsic joy in their practice. Through this, they can experience all the benefits of playing an instrument, and apply these teachings to other aspects of everyday life.

In the comfort of your home, enjoy learning your favorite styles and songs, and the art of music making. Various techniques, principles of language acquisition and immersion, other philosophies and problem solving skills will help you overcome challenges and continue your path. In addition, topics of music history, world music and cultures, classical guitar technique and improvisation are applied to broaden the student's applied working knowledge, appreciation, and versatility.

My students include former/current performing musicians, songwriters, young rockers, older rock n' rollers, classical players, and fascinating people from all walks of life. It is a pleasure to help you along your musical journey.  

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few."


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"I am a self-taught 50 year old guitar player who touched various styles of music over the years. Earlier this year, I decided to break away from the same old rock and blues riffs and learn something new. I didn't even know what I wanted to learn at that time, but after a brief phone interview, I decided to work with Leon and I never looked back since.

Leon is such a versatile player and his knowledge and ability in all kinds of styles never cease to amaze me. We started with Bach pieces that I always admired, but considered to be too intimidating for non-classical players. In no time, I found myself thinking and playing differently whenever I grabbed a classical guitar. Occasionally we jumped around to touch Latin style or good old blues, and I always walked away with new practical knowledge.

Above all, I would like to point out that Leon is a very patient teacher, and he understands each of his student's unique needs, never insisting one way or one style. I would recommend Leon to any level of players, but especially to the advanced ones. We all know how hard it is to find a teacher who can challenge and cultivate advanced level players."

- Stephen

"Leon is a fantastic teacher.  I first started taking lessons with him nearly six years ago on the recommendation of a friend. As a teacher he is very clear and very patient.  He can take the time to explain every position of every finger and can give you a music history lesson about almost every chord progression. Best of all, he'll often stick around a little longer to jam or give you new ideas.  Although we started out with classical and rock pieces, I was able to branch out into other genres like gypsy jazz and flamenco.  In fact, Leon introduced me to some of my now favorite jazz guitarists.  He has seemingly boundless enthusiasm for whatever your musical interests may be.  Plus, he is just generally a great and really friendly person.  

- Eugene

Leon is a patient, experienced and dedicated teacher who will take the extra steps to make you happy as you learn to play this beautiful instrument. With over 15 years experience, he has a proven track record of great guitar students.  Whether you are just getting started or an advanced player, you can save money and frustration by learning the teachings that will take your playing to the next level! 



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"I have learned a lot from you these past few years and I will continue to use everything you have taught me to grow and become even better. Hopefully one day you will be hearing big things about me, and I will never forget the tutelage I have received. You'll always be welcomed up to the stage to take a solo. Just keep the whammy excursions and guitar smashing to a minimum when you do, okay? :) "

- Brandon

"Thank you for teaching my son so much and for all of your hard work" - Kathy

"I have learned more in a few weeks than my entire semester at University as a performance major"

 - Joe

"I have been taking lessons from Leon for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that I would not be the musician I am today without his help. He provided me with a stable foundation in the beginning of our time together, with classical guitar training. He shared his musical tastes with me which spanned a wide variety of artists and composers. I found the pieces to be engaging, challenging, and still fun. I am now in college and see Leon irregularly, but he still manages to aid me. I write my own music now and he helps cultivate my works with his own knowledge of the music, including how the industry works. In total, he is a kind, considerate, and vastly talented music teacher who I would recommend in a heartbeat."  -Demi

"I had been seeking a guitar teacher to further along my attempts to get better at finger-picking and learn how to play some of the tunes of my favorite folk singers-- I found Leon online and exchanged a few e-mails with him before we met up for the first lesson. He seemed like the ideal choice for me. Leon is a fantastic teacher-- he immediately was enthusiastic and interested in helping me along to grasp the songs I wanted to work on. His teaching style is very clear and has had me learning at a faster pace with a more thorough understanding of the material then I ever have before. He's extremely personable and always inviting you ask questions and grasp the theory behind the music. He writes everything out for you, and makes it pleasurable and easy to practice. I'm extremely happy with Leon and would recommend him to anyone looking to learn guitar -- beginners or advanced players-- Leon is a great teacher."            - Tom

"Thank you so much for the lessons. I feel like I have grown so much over the years and have learned so much about the guitar. It's been fun!" - Gwyneth

"Thank you for your dedication!" - Susan

"Thank you for teaching me guitar all these years. You have taught me so much and have expanded my tastes greatly. I can't thank you enough." - Eric

"Thank you for another great year of lessons!" - Hailey and Family 


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Guitar lessons (Acoustic or Electric) 

Leon teaches privately and is also on faculty at Woodside Music Studio in Park Ridge, NJ.  With a busy teaching schedule, Leon teaches a wide range of styles to students from beginners to advanced players.  Many of his students participate in school and community settings while others perform regularly with various groups and projects, and continue to pursue their musical education, career, and passion.

The benefit of receiving private one-on-one guitar lessons is the opportunity to have focused, individualized instruction that pays attention to each unique student. Here, the student can ask questions and receive instant feedback, continuously working together with the teacher. 

In addition, students can have the opportunity to participate in partner/group sessions with others. Interacting with others will help improve listening skills and gain an understanding of different roles in a group setting.

Supplementary Classical Guitar studies will help students develop a strong technique and musical approach, while gaining an appreciation for the history of the guitar and repertoire of compositions.

Learn the Tricks that will make you a Great Guitar Player!

  • Styles:  Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle, Spanish Guitar, Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk, Jam band, Alternative, Bossa Nova, and various World Music styles.                                                                                                         
  • Subjects:  Posture, Technique, Notation/Tablature/Chord Vocabulary, Improvisation/Lead Playing, Theory, Ear Training/Transcription, Composition, and Songwriting. In addition, topics of music history, cultures, and world music styles are applied to offer the student a more holistic approach to their musical studies, broadening their appreciation. 

  • FaceTime, Skype, and Online Lessons available

  • Ukulele Lessons

  • Songwriting/Composition Lessons 

  • Preparation for school, university programs, music therapy, ABRSM Royal Schools of music, and more

  • Partner & Group classes available

  • Discount Packages 

  • Help in selecting proper instrument, materials, accessories

  • Lessons in English, Russian, or Spanish


Serving towns of Bergen County NJ and beyond including: Alpine, Bergenfield, Bogota, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Elmwood Park, Englewood, Fair Lawn, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Haworth, Leonia, Montclair, Montvale, New Milford, North Vale, Norwood, Old Tappan, Oradell, Park Ridge, Ridgewood, Saddle Brook, Saddle River, Teaneck, Tenafly, Wayne, West Orange, Westwood, Woodcliff Lakes, Upper Saddle River and more! 


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Read more about Leon's guitar lessons as seen on  They are a great service and very informative.