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Thank you for visiting! We offer acoustic guitar lessons throughout the Bergen county NJ area as well as live, virtual lessons.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced performer, we are happy to help you play the guitar music you love.

The acoustic steel string guitar is bright, percussive, and versatile. It is often used in rock, country, blues, folk, and many other styles. 

You can play rhythm guitar, explore intricate fingerpicking as accompaniment, or create solo guitar arrangements on either classical guitar or acoustic steel string.


  • Learn chords and patterns to strum your favorite songs. Learn to play Beatles classics, acoustic Zeppelin, and tunes from Nirvana Unplugged.
  • Singer-Songwriters can feel more comfortable accompanying their singing.
  • Learn to fingerpick acoustic classics and expand your repertoire with songs like Dust in the Wind, Blackbird, Time In A Bottle, and Classical Gas.
  • Learn finger style arpeggios and Travis Picking techniques in styles of Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins.
  • Learn how to construct your own solo guitar fingerstyle arrangements of any song.

Online lessons also available. Video call platforms include FaceTime, Zoom, Skype. All you need is a phone or other suitable device. In the comfort of your own home and very effective. Learn more about our lessons here

What Songs Will We Learn?

Together, we can work on tackling any song you like and more importantly, you will learn specific techniques and concepts that will help you understand a variety of material. 

Over the years, I have had requests to learn acoustic Zeppelin, British psychedelic folk, Chet Atkins boom chick style, Beatles ballads, and many other acoustic guitar tunes. Below is a list of some common acoustic songs:

Popular Fingerpicking Guitar Songs

House of the Rising Sun


Dust in the Wind 

Stairway To Heaven 

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You


Nothing Else Matters 

Road Trippin

Tears in Heaven 

Shape of My Heart


Time in a Bottle 

Classical Gas


Guitar Topics & Techniques


With just a few basic chords, you can play a variety of songs and styles. We will learn how to read chord diagrams and expand on chord vocabulary so you can play your favorite tunes.



While your left hand is taking care of the pitches, your right hand keeps the rhythm and tempo. There are a number of common strumming patterns that will keep your songs sounding groovy.


Bass Pluck

Separating bass notes and chords can give the music a bouncy feel. This is often heard in a variety of folk music around the world. This can also be used in Chet Atkins style solo guitar arrangements also known as “boom chick” playing.



There is a wide range of fingerstyle guitar techniques that will make for a full sounding arrangement. Learn tricks and patterns such as traditional arpeggios and Travis picking to gain right hand finger independence and play solo guitar pieces.


How much are Acoustic Guitar Lessons?

Acoustic Guitar Lesson Rates

We offer a number of options starting at 260/month, depending on lesson duration and travel.



Lesson payments can be paid monthly or per session package, which is offered at a discount.

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