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Are you interested in electric guitar playing?
Hello and welcome! We offer electric guitar instruction to guitarists of all levels and ages - from students getting started to experienced performers and songwriters. We serve towns in Bergen County NJ and offer virtual online lessons as well.

The electric guitar is such an expressive and exciting modern instrument used in classic rock, rockabilly, boom chick, blues, jazz, pop, surf, 80s hair metal and much more.

  • Learn your favorite classic rock songs by bands like The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica...
  • Expand your chord vocabulary. Learn Jazz and Bossa Nova m7b5, dim, and aug chords so you can play through any song with confidence. (This can also expand your arpeggios and licks)
  • Learn epic solos like Hotel California, Sultans of Swing, Bohemian Rhapsody, Sweet Child O’Mine, November Rain, One, and more.
  • Improve your right hand picking technique, legato phrasing, and more.
  • Learn scales, modes, theory and more. Expand your bag of guitar licks and tricks.
  • Become more comfortable improvising and create your own tasteful, melodic solos. Make your guitar sing like your favorite guitarists in the styles of...

Extraordinary Electric Fingerpickers: Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, Knopfler 

Classic Rock and Blues: Hendrix, Vaughn, Page, Blackmore

Melodic Epic Leads: Gilmour, Brian May, Slash

Jammers: Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastasio

Shredders: Van Halen, Yngwie, Morse


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Guitar Techniques & Roles

Lead Guitar

Many guitarists reach out to work on their lead guitar solos. This may include learning classic guitar solos note-for-note, or expanding on their improv chops. More importantly, as we listen to the direction of your favorite solos and learn a variety of licks and tricks, you will understand the language of these lead guitar parts. This will be very helpful in learning your favorite leads and effectively applying this to your own improvisation. Furthermore, we will address specific techniques such as picking and economy of motion, as well as theory, scales/modes, and more.


Whether you’re interested in learning the solos from Sultans of Swing, Sweet Child O’Mine, or One, we can work on the specific techniques for your favorite guitar leads. If you’re interested in jamming like Phish or the Grateful Dead, playing classic rock Zep and Pink Floyd leads, or shredding in the style of VH and other 80s hard rock & metal, we can work on that too - all in a fun process!


Rhythm Guitar 

Even if you’re playing lead guitar in a band, you will often be playing 95% rhythm guitar with chords. In fact, understanding how chord progressions interact with solos and practicing rhythms can be very effective for improving your lead guitar chops as well.


Depending on the style of music, you may be using common major and minor chords in popular songs, power chords in rock music, barre chords, or extended chords in jazz and bossa nova. Did you know the Beatles used all sorts of interesting chords (Am(Maj7), Cmaj7, E7b9) to support their beautiful melodies?

Expanding your chord vocabulary will help you comfortably read through charts for a variety of tunes. It will also help you understand song structure and navigate the fretboard. This can be helpful for organizing and memorizing songs as well.


Chord-Melody Guitar

Have you ever listened to a solo guitar recording or performance and thought, “where are the other guitarists?” Chord Melody guitar playing combines - well, the chords and melody! The chord progressions may include bass lines and harmony notes or chords, while also playing the main theme or vocal melody. 

This advanced guitar style creates an amazing effect, juggling multiple parts in one. It can mimic a pianist playing chords with the left hand and melody with the right. It also gives us an important insight to the general arrangement and instrumentation of a tune.


Chord melody solo guitar pieces can be played on classical, acoustic, or electric guitar, and vary in technique and style. Chord melody is often heard in classical guitar pieces, boom chick styles, and jazz solo tunes.

Some different classical guitarists and chord melody players to listen include:


Julian Bream

Paul Galbraith 

Chet Atkins

Tommy Emmanuel 

Joe Pass

General Subjects Taught

After getting frustrated watching online videos, many guitarists contact me to receive help from a real person who cares and understands you. Whether you need help in navigating the fretboard with more ease, expanding your chord and theory knowledge, or want to solo with more confidence when playing with the band, I would be happy to hear more about your musical interests.


Some of the general topics we can cover include:

Posture & Technique

Syncing the hands

Understanding Chords/Notation/Tab 

Picking, Fingerpicking, & Strumming

Scales and Modes

Music Theory



Chord Vocabulary

Ear Training


Learning stylistic licks and phrases

Play chord-melody arrangements

Help with Songwriting & Recording

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