Virtual Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Online via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype

Learn Guitar Online

Hello, and welcome! Are you looking for virtual guitar lessons? You can receive real-time, high quality guitar instruction without even leaving your home. You don’t need any high tech gear and probably already have everything you need including internet, a laptop or iPad, or just a smartphone. 

We offer live, online guitar lessons in Bergen county, NJ and also teach guitar students from coast to coast including NJ, NY, PA, CO, WA. Virtual guitar lessons are also available worldwide.


If you are interested in getting started with your guitar sessions or have any questions, please get in touch and I will be happy to learn more about your guitar playing goals.



Online Guitar Lessons for Kids and Adults

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Kids are very comfortable with the virtual online setting and eagerly look forward to their lesson each week. Various lesson materials and links to practice songs are sent during and after the class. 


Online Guitar Lessons for Teens

Virtual guitar lessons keep middle school and high school students motivated and inspired as they learn to play their favorite songs. Middle school to high school years are an important time for developing new interests, discovering opportunities for creative expression, and fostering a passion for learning.


Online Guitar Lessons for Adults

When you have a hectic schedule, virtual guitar lessons become so convenient. You can avoid the stress of traffic and we can work together to find a time that works for your schedule. Virtual lessons are a wonderful alternative for students away at college, or adults with busy schedules. My adult students find guitar lessons to be their most enjoyable part of the week.


My online guitar students come from a variety of backgrounds from beginners to advanced guitarists. This includes students from the Bergen County NJ area, as well as other states throughout the country. We also offer guitar lessons at home throughout Bergen County NJ.


What Types Of Lessons?

We offer lessons in a variety guitar styles and related plucked string instruments including classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic steel string, and ukulele. 

Some choose to focus on a specific style while others enjoy exploring various styles and genres dependent on the songs they would like to learn.


Many also enjoy working on their own songwriting, performance opportunities, or other recording projects. 

Music Topics

We will explore a variety of music topics according to your interests and experience. Whether you would like to play your favorite songs, learn more about theory, practice your improvising, or finger style and classical, we can work on new techniques and concepts.

  • Access to books, online resources, videos, and more…
  • Tablature, Standard Notation, and Chord Diagrams
  • Learn about scales and modes
  • Learn to play arpeggios using a pick or your fingers 
  • Shred melodic lead guitar solos
  • Learn chord-melody style or solo classical guitar
  • Expand your chord vocabulary 
  • Improve your listening & pick out chords and melodies by ear!

About Leon

Pro Guitarist and Composer 

Leon has been featured in international recordings alongside members of Whitesnake, Blues Saraceno, Chris Poland, Aerosmith, Broadway. He has also contributed music for National Geographic and documentary films.


Guitar Teacher and Mentor

For more than 15 years, Leon has helped so many guitarists cultivate their music passion, reach new heights in their craft, and pursue their own musical endeavors. 

Give yourself the gift of music and feel the transformation from the comfort of your own home.

How much do live, online guitar lessons cost?

Virtual guitar lessons rates

65/45 min lesson 

80/60 min lesson 

110/90 min lesson 


Tuition schedule 

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month, or at the beginning of each semester (discounted rate applies).