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Acoustic, Classical, & Electric Guitar Styles

Study Guitar in Fair Lawn

We offer guitar lessons in Fair Lawn NJ, as well as towns near Central Bergen County including Ridgewood, Paramus, and Glen Rock.

If you are looking for a guitar teacher near Fair Lawn, simply fill out the form or reach out by phone. 

We are happy to discuss your music interests and look forward to helping you with your guitar playing.


Leon is a fantastic teacher.  I first started taking lessons with him nearly six years ago on the recommendation of a friend. As a teacher he is very clear and very patient.  He has seemingly boundless enthusiasm for whatever your musical interests may be. Plus, he is just generally a great and really friendly person.” - Eugene

Fair Lawn Guitar Lessons - In Home or Online

Guitar Lessons At Your Home

Whether you are located near the Berdan Grove area, Radburn community, Rad Rock area, Broadway District or surrounding towns, I am glad to travel to your home at your convenience. I have witnessed powerful results when a student learns in their home environment, both in person or online.

Virtual Online Lessons

The option of remote online guitar lessons has given people the opportunity to enjoy learning from the comfort of your home without having to deal with traffic and other hassles. We can work together around your schedule. This is also a great alternative for university students and working adults.

Guitar Lessons for Kids and Adults in Fair Lawn

Guitar Lessons for Adults

My adult students range from beginners to experienced performers and songwriters. Do you feel stuck on a technique or frustrated by watching videos? Are you looking for a guitar instructor to help you with real feedback so you can play guitar the way you’ve always wanted? Other than the obvious stress-relief from playing music, adult guitar players also rekindle their passion, finding joy in recording, improvising, playing their favorite songs, or working on songwriting. Some players enjoy exploring theoretical concepts to help understand what they are playing. Others play in bands and want to practice specific material or learn new techniques.

Guitar Lessons for Teens

Are you looking for a teacher or mentor to bring out the most of your potential? These years are so pivotal in discovering new interests and cultivating a passion. Most of my teen students continue with guitar lessons through high school and often beyond. Many participate in public or private school music programs such as jazz band, the infamous Fair Lawn High School Boptones rock band, and musical theater performances. Others rock out in their own creative endeavors through songwriting, recording, and more.


Guitar Lessons for Kids

Has your child expressed an interest in music or an enthusiasm for learning the guitar? If so, you can get them started early and experience all of the additional benefits of playing a musical instrument. I can also help you in selecting a comfortable instrument. Kids love their guitar lessons and are always excited in their learning process.

About Guitarist & Educator Leon Muhudinov

As a professional guitarist and instructor, I feel blessed to have met such excellent teachers and inspirational mentors along with a wealth of music opportunities. I have performed and recorded alongside members of Journey, Aerosmith, Mick Taylor, Broadway, National Geographic, and more. 

With 15+ years of guitar teaching and mentoring, it is extremely rewarding to see my students grow as independent musicians, as they perform, record, write their own songs and release their own music. It is an honor to share this with you so that you can truly unlock your inner guitarist and experience the gift of music.

Fair Lawn Guitar Lessons Information

What Types of Guitar?

We offer lessons in classical guitar, acoustic steel string, and electric guitar. Many students may play a combination of all three, or some may have a particular preference. We also offer help with related plucked string instruments such as the ukulele. If you need help selecting an instrument or have questions regarding your guitar shopping, please feel free to contact me.


What Styles of Music?

Everybody is unique. Genres taught range from strictly classical to classic rock, country to bossa nova, jazz to 80s hair metal, and more. Emphasis on classical guitar and other complementary studies can help strengthen technique and broaden repertoire.


What Will You Learn?

Each individual is special and you will receive a highly individualized program just for you. This will also be influenced by your particular type of guitar, styles of music, etc. Many students supplement their studies over the years by branching out to other genres or by learning new techniques. Some general subjects of interest include: 

  • Technique and Posture
  • Sight Reading (Notation, Tablature, Chord Charts)
  • Ear Training
  • Improvisation
  • Chord vocabulary, scales, arpeggios 
  • Theory
  • Music Appreciation & History 

Lesson Pricing

Guitar lessons are one-on-one, meeting at least once per week, for 60 min. 

Payment is weekly, monthly, or per 10-week package at a discounted rate. Please contact me for more information and I will be happy to help you get started.

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