Gotta Get OrganizIzEd!!!!

Some of your New Year's resolutions included bonding more with others, paying less for services, not going backwards!, being more punctual and recording new material.  

Getting organized and staying balanced is always a challenge.

So here is a compiled discography of solo projects, bands, film scores, and more.

2003 Tasty Guitar Treats - Leon Muhudinov

2004 Anna Stesia - Dr. Mannequin

2005 The Adventures of Leonid 

2009 Guatemalan Waltz (Short Film Domestica)
2011 Project Oliver (Web Series, Documentary)
2011 Romance Anonimo (single) - Leon Muhudinov
2012  Van Halen Tribute
2013 America the Beautiful (single) 
2013 Clair de lune (live performance single)
2014 The Other Man: FW Clerk and The End of Apartheid
2014 Guitar Wizards compilation CD
2015 Under Cane (National Geographic Documentary)
2017 Forest Dance
2017 Lesson for 2 Lutes
2017 Judas Priest Tribute
2017 The Mint (Song for Movie)
2017 Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
2017 Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells)
2018 Three Odd Numbers: Themes from Psycho, Halloween, and Exorcist 
Coming Soon  Versailles Records Deep Purple Tribute
Coming Soon  Versailles Records Queen Tribute

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